Monday, September 10, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Sense Electronic Spider Guitar

hi there

wow, a bit of delay between posts again - sorry about that!

the boys were, over the weekend, exposed to the ways of their Uncle Richard. this, for reasons best known to their Uncle Richard, meant that as a consequence they were exposed to selected musical moments in film. for the most part this was The Beatles' celebrated but rarely seen Let It Be concert film, as well as some sort of Donnington gig by AC/DC.

as a consequence of what he saw, William took quite a shine to this thing called a guitar. a consequence of that was that we needed to get him a guitar. not just any guitar, mind. oh no.

William wanted the guitar known as The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Sense Electronic Spider Guitar.

yes, sorry, low quality pictures once again due to the fact that i only had my blueberry on me. i will get a proper phone with a decent camera or a halfway decent blueberry with a marginally better camera one of these days!

whatever is lacking in the quality of the pictures does not, i can assure you, translate into a lack of quality in the guitar, or if you will geeee-tarrrrr. it is one of the most excellent things that i have ever seen and indeed played with. it makes super class noises, and even has a distortion / reverb / whatever it is called handle.

William, to his credit, is quickly developing a smart "do not mess with me" guitarist look.

yes, that is James you can see in the background. he's more concerned with rugby news than guitars these days, it has to be said.

what baffles me about this guitar is that i do not understand just what it is that makes this either a Spider-Man or a Spider-Sense guitar. to the untrained eye it seems to be a pretty conventional toy guitar with "Spider Man" written on it.

it is possible, of course, that i simply missed any or all of the "director's cut" versions of the Spider-Man films that showed Spidey tackling a range of inventive villains by means of deploying his trusty Spider-Sense Spider Guitar. perhaps eventually some kind soul will point me in the direction of where to find a variant of any of the films that should feature such footage.

in the mean time, though, William is just happy bashing away at it, and as you can see is even contemplating having a go at playing with his teeth!

i will try and do some more posts "soon". sorry, just rather busy at home and indeed at verk!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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