Sunday, September 16, 2012

showtime, kid

hi there

well, the only thing i haven't really neglected in this old blog this month is to mention in passing that i seem to be neglecting to do updates this months. whoops, apologies, etc, and a hello to whoever it is that for some reason said i should have more pictures, less words here. thanks i think.

this weekend saw, at an interesting hour, James return to the stage once again. this was the first play he has done as part of the drama group at "big school" and he was, as you can imagine, quite excited about it!

we were very eager to see him acting once again - parental bias probably excludes any validity in our rating of him, but no matter for what is important to us is that he loves doing it! and he certainly seemed to enjoy doing the play early on Saturday morning!

and when i say early, i mean the stage shows started at 8am! i have no idea at all why James' school believes absolutely everything should start as early as possible when they do stuff on weekends, but that's the way it goes.

William rather enjoyed watching James do his thing too, especially as James had a most magnificent monkey costume on!

and, as you can see (sort of), James loved being up on the stage once again too!

i say sort of because, once again, the quality of these pictures is not as high as it could be. oddly, the blueberry phone thing is not at fault this time. i was making a video of it to send around the world, right, and thus could not operate the normal camera too. as Michele had her hands over full with William, screen grabs it is!

the day was somewhat overcast and a touch wet, but after James had finished his performance it was time to walk back to the car. for this James decided to take the rather more scenic route, knowing that William likes to see everything there.

it gave me the chance to take some film for the family of James' school, so why not take that path?

it always happens this way - i do not have the "normal" camera at hand, just as i manage to get a few images where the two of them are more or less looking the same way! these screen grabs are OK i suppose, but i do wish i could get "proper" pictures of them looking this way!

i wouldn't want to spoil too much of the viewing for those about to get the video of the play, but these images are taken when James was giving a review of his performance in the play. not long after the next picture was when William decided to go on one of his missions, and charged into a classroom to see what was happening!

returning to the play itself, it was a touch brief at about 10 minutes long, but James and all the other children were fantastic. i gather a much longer play is planned for later on this year, which we are all, needless to say, very much looking forward to!

after the show, it was very much time for an indoors day, it being wet and grey outside!

hope you all had an ace weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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