Sunday, September 02, 2012

one september sunday

hi there

 whoops, i see we are nearly 3 days into September and i have not done much in the way of updates here. sorry, been busy! i oddly have a stack of things to post here, the least of which certainly isn't a review of Frankie's new Sex Mix collection, but i just have not got to it.

speaking of things not got too, it would appear that my Dad has caught "New Zealanditis" in respect of email. ever since he went to that fine land all of a sudden he does not send a barrage of emails as we are all used to. it must be a trick that Gillian has taught him.

that said, i did get a barrage of emails from him today. they were, in fairness, mostly an impressive list of new CDs and DVDs he has asked me to get for him. there was, however, a couple of pictures too. like this one, since i mentioned Gillian. and yes, Grant enthusiasts, he does feature, along with Katie and Daniel!

that's a brilliant picture! thanks very much indeed for sending it on! i am going to assume it was professionally done, which will no doubt lead to a comment from Dad about how he took it.

Grant enthusiasts will also no doubt greatly appreciate the other picture that Dad sent along today. there is not all that much i can say about it, besides that it seems Dad has really got the hang of how things are done in NZ.

the somewhat scary thing is that Dad no doubt took the above picture as he was off investigating this "dogging" business, something that he saw on his last holiday to New Zealand, which was right around the time he decided all of a sudden that he wanted very much to live there. exactly what "dogging" activities he expects to find in a field full of sheep is beyond me and, quite frankly, i am not asking him.

well, there you go for now! hopefully i will get the rest of the stuff i have sat here that is marked "would look good on the blog" up quite soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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