Saturday, September 29, 2012

celebrating Andrew's celebrations

hi there

well, as somewhat hinted at in one of the few posts this month (sorry), Andrew, my Modern Music Advisor, had a birthday this week. not just any birthday, mind - it was his 18th. this will come as quite a surprise to numerous publicans and landlords operating near him, for they were under the impression that he turned 18 quite some time ago; hence them serving mucho alcohol. leaving that aside, here are some celebratory images of him celebrating.

and where else would one start other than an image of the birthday boy. who turned 18, or possibly 19 or 20 depending on if you are a pub owner or indeed a member of the constabulary.

Christopher, who has taken a shine to not watching films, decided that a picture of the birthday boy would not be a good idea.

nice touch, Chris.

these pictures come from a place called the Cleveland Tontine, which is rather famous but i do not believe i ever had the pleasure of going. hey ho, never mind, Andrew went, and got presented with a most excellent birthday cake too!

one of the more important things about Andrew is that he has a healthy respect and love for the game of cricket. all intelligent, well rounded beings do. that is a truly magnificent cake to celebrate this fact!

here is another shot of the cake, if you will excuse the pun, with something very interesting going on behind it. you may wish to remember Christopher's shenanigans from earlier.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is Uncle Trevor in the background, partially obscured by a napkin.

why would they wish to obscure, partially or otherwise, Uncle Trevor (or anyone for that matter) behind of all things a napkin? if you are asking that, you clearly have never had the benefit, thrill and sheer adventure of an outing with the sensational Harlo gang.

i am guessing the idea was "let's have Trevor there at the Tontine, but also let's not have him there with us". i am assuming there was some sort of cover charge involved in simply putting him at another table, so a more economically viable approach was required.

it seems that Colin had the idea of making Trevor a "special mystery celebrity surprise guest" at Andrew's celebratory dinner, and to make sure the surprise remained for most of the evening simply held a napkin up in front of him.

it would seem that Trevor was happy with this for the most part. it would have kept most of the groupies and sailors away from him for a start, and going on the look on Trevor's face it seems that Colin found the tin of Tesco deodorant that i left behind in July.

Andrew's celebrations were or are far from limited to a family dinner at this Tontine place. on Friday, as i went about my usual loyal and enthusiastic duties at verk, Andrew supplied a picture via email of some of the items he had (wisely) invested in for the celebrations of the evening. have a look at this stash!

now, you have to remember as you read this that Andrew is indeed young and is on the same learning curve as we all were at one point with the ways and wiles of alcohol. a recent foray into the world of being out on the lash did not go at all well for Andrew. other than being slammed out of his mind and sending off a number of bizarre messages via that twatter thing (things about space and the letter g for some reason), he spent several hours spewing away with gay abandon.

the spewing was so formidable that apparently he needed an entire new bedding set. man, that is quite a session! it's something that a few of us have been guilty of, i suppose, but for us the lesson was to never, ever get that hammered again.

this is, apparently, not quite the lesson Andrew learnt from it. instead, all that experience has taught him is to go and buy a new bedding set in advance, for it is a lot easier to do the day before whilst sober instead of the day after whilst spewing and feeling sorry for yourself.

reports that i have had thus far suggest that Andrew experienced a lack of spewing from last night's celebrations, which is quite good i suppose. he does have a stinging hangover, however, and for some reason is asking me to fix it via email. a shower, water and energade, lad. that's all that can help.

the photographer from last night must have taken a bit of a booze battering, mind, as they seemed to be seeing in triple.

i am hoping that some more pictures from the party last night are sent on. the Harlos are almost as notorious as certain people i know in New Zealand with regards to not sending images, which is a shame. i gather that no less than a "bucking" bronco was hired for the evening. i can only imagine that Colin misheard the "bucking" part when it was hired; hopefully he was not too disappointed when the device landed.

well, until as and when more pictures arrive, that would be it for now! once again, Andrew, a very happy birthday indeed from all of us! nice work on the spew limitation!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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