Tuesday, September 04, 2012

one september saturday

hi there

at the weekend we had the honour of being invited to attend a family fun day being held by various essential services from the city. this is of course a great idea, and it turned from an idea into a wonderful, indeed brilliant, day out.

we got to listen to and see displays from the police, the traffic department (more on them later. much, much more), the fire brigade and the paramedics, as well as the rubbish men talking of recycling. on top of that there was a wonderful puppet show aimed at teaching children the dangers of strangers and inappropriate touching.

the boys paid attention to all of these, i am happy to say, but as you can imagine they were rather more keen on the "fun" elements of the day!

i think the place they spent most of their time was on a rather excellent beach football pitch. we are not known for our beaches here, but the one made at the park was most excellent!

thankfully or just by chance there was two balls on offer, meaning that James and William were not fighting about playing with just the one!

whereas James was well away kicking the ball about, William's technique on sand needs a little work. in his efforts to kick the ball as far as James can he did end up kicking a great deal of sand in the direction of his eyes!

as mentioned above, the fire brigade were there too. and yes, they brought a fire engine with them. across time and across the lands i have yet to meet the lad who is not enamoured with the sight of a fire engine; James and William are certainly no exception.

i look at that picture above and think yeah, right, this is not the last time that the two of them will be standing around, one of them swigging a can and the other wondering what to do next!

actually, James looks like he is intending to jump off the fire engine, if he can get away with it. this reminds me of an interesting first for him recently - he got a demerit at school. why? well, James assures me that it was not actually for "climbing on to the wall near the library and jumping off it", instead it was simply for "not knowing that you are not supposed to climb n to the wall near the library and jumping off it". that's an excuse i would have been proud of!

when he worked out that jumping off it would probably get him in trouble, the novelty factor of the fire engine soon wore off for James, but not really for William. he was far too interested in all the buttons, levers and taps on it, and very much wanted to have a go at some of them, in particular the ones that would produce a great deal of water when activated!

sorry, we spent most of our time playing and listening to be bothered about taking Grandad levels of pictures, so this next one is the last one for now! that said, a fair few more will follow very soon, so do pay attention as to what is behind what you see in this next one!

that, i suspect, is the biggest see-saw the boys have yet got their hands on, and as a result it was one they were reluctant to let go of!

the differences between the two boys is there to see, really. whereas both enjoyed it, James seems to be holding on for dear life, whereas William is stretching out, attempting to make himself more aerodynamic or something in the hope of going higher and faster!

we had, as i said, a most excellent day out! thank you to all the services who made the day possible!

yes, one more post on this particular day coming up shortly!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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