Thursday, September 27, 2012

Andrew's lunch

hi there

well, for some reason today seems as good a day as any to update this blog with an image that young (ish) Andrew, my MMA, sent me during the week. the picture is, alas, small owing to me not saving it properly or something. i've also, as you can hopefully see, decided to have a whirl at putting pictures over on the right. this might make an interesting change from them being on the left or simply in the centre.

this was a pre-birthday lunch that Andrew had earlier in the week, Tuesday i believe. well, it might not have been specificaly for his birthday, the important thing is that it was KFC, the king of meals and the preference of The King, Elvis Presley. every day is a good day to eat this. in fact, if i had thought on, i probably would have had some of this today too.

apologies, if you wish for them, for the lack of updates this month. it has been really, really busy at verk, and frankly i've not had all that much of interest come along to shove up here.

more as and when i have it, though, i assure you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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