Friday, September 21, 2012

Stefan today

hi there

well, Stefan can usually be counted on to do something that is interesting here at verk. it can be something he says, certainly, but often it is due to a life saved or something on account of his fine paramedic work.

best, and sadly rare, are of course the instances in which Stefan feels the need to trip over something, normally the something being a massive plant pot, noted for its visibility.

whereas he didn't fall over anything today, at least not as far as i am aware, he did very nearly match the class nature of such an event in the way he chose to dress this morning. words simply cannot do justice to the look, but my blueberry phone thing very nearly can!

that is indeed a most special look he has on the go today, is it not? i arranged for people to have their picture taken with him if they so wished, but it was alas only i that wished to be in a picture with him.

there is no doubt a very good reason for him looking like this today, but to be quite frank i really cannot be bothered to pursue the reason. all i know is that he does very much look like this today.

if you are someone that is enthusiastic about both better quality pictures than my blueberry can manage and, for some reason, feather dusters, then i am delighted to advise you that my personal photographer, Trigger, took some images that may well please you.

here is one of them.

i suspect that if he could Stefan would dress like this every single day. well, maybe not - every single day that he does not have one of the jackets he is so excited about that the one that glitters off of Twlight wears, at least.

yes, if you are wondering, those are indeed slippers that young Stefan has on. when i asked him why, he advised it was because he "did not have any shoes made of animal skin". one would imagine a trip to the shops would resolve that, but there you go, each to their own.

i trust that all Stefan enthusiasts out there have enjoyed this update!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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