Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nasher Says Relax - update

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well, if things had gone to plan and run smoothly the much anticipated book Nasher Says Relax would have been on the shelves and shipping from various internet selling type sites this week. alas, not to be, but there's no cause not to relax and wait for another week or so.

on top of some final touch editing by Nasher himself, i gather the lawyers from the publisher would quite like one or two sections removed. this is not exactly unusual with biographies or autobiographies, and is just following the trend of any Frankie related book. i seem to remember that the lawyers insisted on about 40,000 words worth of Holly's autobiography, A Bone In My Flute, being removed prior to publication.

whatever the lawyers have requested be removed is unlikely to dampen or take away from the story to be told. presumably it's the case that both the lawyers are satisifed and indeed Nasher has finished with his editing, for there's an set of official launch parties for the book happening next week.

Waterstones are hosting the two events in (where else) Liverpool. if you can make it to either you will not be at all disappointed! If you click on the name in red then you will get taken to the full details of both events.

with the launch planned for September 27, it seems likely then that we shall have the book before the end of the month. splendid!
for those of us not able to make it, either for reasons of not being near Liverpool or simply being on the other side of the world, you can place your order for the book over on amazon. no doubt several other places are selling it, but for the overseas Frankie fan and reader amazon tend to offer the best service, both in respect of price and delivery.

in the mean time, how about a sneak peek at one of the never before seen images that the book will feature? Nasher and Frankie reigned at a time when not only was music important (unlike today), but the musicians were just as important. their exploits would tend to become the stuff of legend, inspiring awe, jealousy and admiration in the fans, disgust and contempt in the doubters.

with Frankie it was "have a good time all the time". and by all the time it is meant all the time - even just checking out of a hotel provided Frankie with a foundation for fun, it seems....

just what are Mark O'Toole and Peter "Ped" Gill up to here? buying Nasher's book will reveal this and much, much more!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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