Monday, September 03, 2012

the worst film in the history of cinema?

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well, i haven't seen the debut film of someone or something called The Oogielovess. then again, it would appear that hardly anyone else has.

for all the great artistic statements made in cinema, let us never lose sight of the fact that it is a business, and thus the greatness of a film tends to be measured by money. in that measurement, then, a film called The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure is the worst film ever made.

the claim on the poster is a rather interesting one. in retrospect, the claim that it is from a "marketing visionary" reveals a most unusual interpretation of the word "visionary", for the film took all of an average of $47.00 (forty-seven) from cinemas showing this film. and it was not for want of cinemas showing it, for it was released at over 2,000 cinemas last Friday. 2,160 cinemas showed it, if you wish for precision.

ouch is the word that springs to mind. as i said, i have not seen it, but from what i have seen in regards of images this Oogieloves thing looks like it would be great as a children's TV show. why instead it was launched as a major motion picture is beyond me.

that is to assume that this marks the debut of the Oogieloves. if there's a TV show of them i have not seen or heard of it, which is most unusual considering we have youngsters that this would presumably be aimed at.

it's a bit strange that if the "marketing visionary" behind this was given enough money to make a film we don't have a Teletubbies or Thomas The Tank Engine film. both of those, it is fair to say, are established and indeed fondly thought of around the world already, making some visionary marketing a doddle.

needless to say, like perhaps quite a few others, i am rather keen to see this film, just to see if it as bad as the money suggests!

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