Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frankie Said surprised.....

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well, it is not every day that a Frankie release crops up that no one appears to have been aware of. today is one of those days!

many, many thanks to Daneil off the Alternative Board / Frankie Forum for alerting us all to the fact that amazon have listed a release called Frankie Said - The Very Best Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, due for release on 5 November 2012.

more than having it listed, they have the artwork too!

fascinating, since there has been no mention at all of this release on the site of ZTT, the label that had, in more ways that one, the fortune and honour of releasing all things Frankie.

it's quite odd that there has been no promo work or information made available prior to it turning up on amazon. it's clear that this is part of the "Element" reissue series, and all other releases have been given quite a build up. strange that they are just slamming this out.

stranger than that, perhaps, is a claim made on the sticker on the release.

eight singles? really? officially there were seven - Relax, Two Tribes, The Power Of Love, Welcome To The Pleasuredome, Rage Hard, Warriors Of The Wasteland and Watching The Wildlife.

the only possible thing i can think of is that they are planning on considering War, a "double A side" release with one of the Two Tribes remixes, a single in its own right.

if they are planning on this type of rewrite of history, then one can only use a phrase that i believe to be highly popular with the on-line gaming fraternity, namely "dick move". if War is to be considered the 3rd single by the band, then that means their first three singles did not in fact all get to number one, does it not?

there's no tracklisting as such, but what the sticker promises is not all that inspiring. there's clearly to be no rare or previously unreleased material. that in itself is fine, but the suggestion by 'two of the biggest selling 12" singles of all time' appearing means that we can expect Relax (New York Mix) and Two Tribes (Annihilation) to feature. they are truly outstanding remixes of great songs, but at a rough guess i would suggest that both have appeared on CD releases at least half a dozen times each. i would argue that everyone that wishes to have those two tracks on CD will at least have two copies of it in that format by now.

don't get me wrong - i shall be buying it, of course, and i sure do hope you and loads of other people do, too. it's rather strange that we are getting another Frankie release so soon after The Sex Mix (review of which shall appear here eventually) - one can only hope or assume that sales of that set were so good that it compelled them to have more Frankie out there as soon as possible.

and yes, i probably would purchase it just for the cover - that's an excellent image from the Liverpool era, and a picture i have not seen before.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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