Monday, August 06, 2012

Usain Bolt - Frankie Fan

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credit where credit is very much due - a big nice one to 2ks from over on the Frankie forum for spotting this!

Usain Bolt is many things. the main thing you would have thought is that he's presently the fastest man alive, probably if not certainly the fastest man ever. however, a considerably more important thing has come to light about Mr Bolt. it seems he is a fan of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

and not just an average fan - a really big one. why else would it be that he pays tribute to Frankie when he wins?

observe the celebration of Mr Bolt.

see that? good, now look at the Frankie logo.

wow! can't believe that this comparison has just flown straight over my head up to now!

it looks like it is the best, closest look he can get to the Frankie logo as part of a celebration. we can only hope that the next time he wins a race (i.e. presumably when he next runs) someone gives him a flag on a pole so he can do the full look!

want to see another comparison? sure you do. here' Usain celebrating.....

and here's a different style of the Frankie logo.


i do wonder just how much faster Usain Bolt would be if he stopped cocking about during races - in just over 9 seconds he still somehow manages to find the time to have a bit of a gander around him and indeed study the clock for the race. well, as a true Frankie fan, it's clear he still gives it loads in that direction anyway.

big thanks again to 2ks for pointing this out!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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