Sunday, August 05, 2012

more from verk

hi there

i did mention in an earlier post that verk has been rather busy of late, thus making pictures somewhat tricky. Friday, however, allowed for one or two images to be taken, somewhat quickly!

certain, indeed many, things are celebrated in August. not all of them carry a tradition or ceremony as such, but one in particular does. that would be a particular lunch with my dear friend Ronel to celebrate her birthday.

the particular lunch would be, and i imagine much to the delight of my MMA, Andrew, Nando's hot. why that in particular? oh, it stems from a matter a few years back that exemplifies the correlation between my shorter temper and louder mouth, really. never mind the specifics, it is reason enough for a tasty, if somewhat burny, lunch!

we have undertaken to next year perhaps "accidentally" order the tamer, lemon and herb flavour meal. well, i am approaching my 40s and Ronel is kind of approaching her 30s, this setting yourself on fire with food business is perhaps best left to the kids.

also around the grounds at verk i found three of the ladies i am lucky enough to work with having a picture taken, so i took the liberty of squeezing / barging in!

why the two ladies nearest to me are smiling and where my right hand is exactly is causing a bit of controversy or rather conversation, i shall leave it to your imagination.....

stood next to me is Siphokazi. she is presently teaching me all about some sort of pop star called Duck or Drake or something, and in return i am trying to give her insights into the magic of Jimi Hendrix and, in a move that will surprise some of you, The Stone Roses. this is going rather well, although Duck is a bit shouty and sweary to be honest.

in front of Siphokazi is Tanya. as nice and polite a lady you could not wish to meet, although it has to be said she's taken a bit of a shine against me of late. other than witholding certain pictures from me, she also decided to physically assault me in the officer earlier in the week. a most peculiar incident, in particular as for a rather rare change i hadn't actually done anything.

sat in front of me is Viv. as with Ronel, we were by a quirk of chance also celebrating her birthday on Friday! Viv has the great misfortune to have to work with me directly, by the same margin i have the great good fortune to be working with Viv!

for fact fans, the lunch picture was taken by my personal photographer, Trigger, whereas the group shot was kindly taken by Lance, using my blueberry thing.

more images as and when they present themselves!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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