Tuesday, August 21, 2012

(great) Gran (H)'s birthday celebrations

hi there

well, i am delighted to report that both of my Grans celebrated their birthday once more in August. i am even happier to be able to show you some pictures of the celebrations for one of them! Gran and Gramps, alas, do not really do computers, and Susan doesn't really even email, let alone send pictures. Trevor, however, is a bit of a Mr E Mail King, truth be told, and very kindly sent on the following pictures!

here's Trev with Gran, showing off some things!

going on the angle, height, trajectory and what have you of the picture above i would dare say that young Christopher took the above picture. it is a pretty safe guess, since he was certainly there at the same time!

Andrew wasn't there, it seems, or at least he is not in any of the pictures. i suspect he was off learning just how much adult life sucks, which means he was either at work or off getting one of those knee or similar replacement operations sorted out.

presently, known as he is for his ways of travel, Christopher is in or will have recently left the area known as the Netherlands. i am kind of assuming that he is not getting involved in any sort of John Payne "Dutch rudder" nonsense. he will almost certainly be purchasing a 5 litre bottle of water, though, for this seems to be what he does when he visits European countries. well, he did it in France. i suspect he will be off to visit the windmills and have a gander at the tulips too. Andrew is there too, but i suspect he will be visiting the rather more cosmopolitain features of the Netherlands, in particular those found in downtown Amsterdam. so long as he followed my directions correctly.

this post seems to be sidetracked somewhat. back to Gran and her celebrations, and indeed a look at some of the magnificent flowers that arrived for her!

and, as would be custom, tea and cake was of the order of the day too!

looks like a truly great day! i am led to believe that our cards arrived on time for her birthday too, which is splendid to hear!

many thanks indeed once more for the pictures Trev, they are greatly appreciated!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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