Monday, August 27, 2012

images off of Andrew's new phone thing

hi there

well i think it is a phone thing that Andrew, my MMA, has. it might be one of them tablet device things, i am just not at all sure, sorry. it has a number, so i guess it is a phone too, no matter what else it does. the email thing certainly works on it, as indeed does the camera.

i know the latter of the above to be true as, when i asked him, he forwarded me a couple of images from his new toy.

behold, if you will, an image of Roseberry Topping, taken with Andrew's phone / tablet / toy from what seems to be a field.

speaking of all things berry, a consequence of Andrew getting this new device, whatever the hell it actually is, would be that he has given up on the world of blueberry. this means i can no longer message him via that, which is a great shame. ho hum, as long as he is digging his new toy.

and i can only assume that he is indeed digging it, and quite keen to show it off, for he took it with him to the match at the weekend.

here's an image of the Riverside at half time, it being half time in a match that Boro won 2-1, putting Crystal Palace in their place.

nice one Andrew, splendid pictures.

that said, i did in fact ask him for other pictures, preferably ones of whatever sordid, perhaps saucy shenanigans he got involved with whilst visiting the Netherlands recently. alas, he sent none of those, not even a picture of Chris purchasing another of those 5 litre bottles of water that the Continental Europeans appear to love selling as much as Chris likes purchasing. perhaps in the next mail i shall get such images.

in the mean time, cheers Andrew!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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