Sunday, August 05, 2012

the fashionista lands in New Zealand

hi there

i received some new pictures from New Zealand during the last week. the first such image put me in a mind to recall the song Let's Dance by David Bowie. the Chris Rea one too, sort of i suppose. anyway, i was reminded of Bowie's foray into straight pop not so much for the video for it (shot in magnificent Australia, next door to NZ), but rather the lyrics. something about "red shoes".

i am assuming that you know, just by looking at the above, what i am going to tell you, don't you? yes, Dad, his penchant for red footwear and indeed Mum are now, apparently, resident in New Zealand!
Daniel seems to be particularly pleased about this, and seems rather keen to celebrate the fact that they have been able to find some red wellies for Grandad!

i am sure Daniel and Grandad will be off investing in all sorts of quality footwear over the next few months and years. no doubt too, recalling Grandad's last trip there, there will also be a spot of abandoning Daniel in the middle of parks and hiding in order to obtain "interesting looking" pictures.

Katie is probably exceptionally happy that Grandma is there. as for Grandad, well, it could be just me, but she does not seem that keen to be pictured with the red wellies here!

i am sure Katie was just keen to get going and play football, as i believe that beyond enjoying it she is also rather good at it. it remains to be seen, however, if Grandad is going to insist she works to become a Premier League Footballer in order to fund his retirement, as he is doing with James.
Grant enthusiasts, fear not. i have not forgotten you and here for your pleasure is a picture of him, obviously delighted that his mother-in-law is now close by!

yes, that is indeed a Sharks shirt that Grant has on. William wished to go and do some shopping yesterday so alas i did not see the match myself, but i am led to believe that the Sharks had a less than pleasant experience over in New Zealand on Saturday. oh dear, but full credit to Grant for supporting them no matter how frequently they lose.

you will note two things at the moment. the first, and the most obvious perhaps, is that Grandma at least wears proper wellies of a sensible colour and pattern. the second is that there are no pictures of Gillian here. that's because no one sent any to me. it could be because she is sat somewhere crying, fearing just what damage Grandad is going to do to their house and garden at 5am every day, or it could be just because Dad for some reason felt it was important to send me as many pictures as possible of his new red wellies.

my money is firmly on the latter, for Gillian is quite used to Dad and his, how shall we say "special idiosyncratic ways".

not much else that i can add here other than of course we all wish Grandma and Grandad well in their new venture, and hope that on their travels in New Zealand Dad bumps into Paul Rutherford. we shall no doubt get over to New Zealand ourselves one day (soon, according to James). it will be very nice to try and meet Paul Rutherford, as well of course to visit Grandma, Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel. oh, yeah, and Grandad too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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