Friday, August 31, 2012

sale fail

hi there

oh dear. i got one of them email things from ebay this morning, and it was not really good news. at all, i'm afraid. it seems that i have misunderstood the level of demand out there in the world at large for Yureshan Cooper business cards, whether they are authentic or not.

i was hoping that someone would at least put one bid in, even if just for a laugh. not to be, alas. i suppose the only hope for this venture to claw back an element of what one may deem as being success is if this features on one of them lists, the "ten most stupid things listed on ebay" sort that are so popular on the internet.

has this failure - and there is no way to describe it other than a failure - been a setback? yes, of course it has. but i am not so sure it will stop me trying again. i am certain i have some random, irrelevant crap hanging around that will soon find its way onto the web. sure, it may lack the glamour of these business cards, but it is worth a shot.

by the way, if anyone wants one of these business cards, make arrangements to contact me and i shall be delighted to send one on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

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