Monday, August 27, 2012

18 views and 0 bids

hi there

well, as promised here's an update on the quest to dispose of the business cards of Yureshan Cooper in way more interesting that simply putting them in the bin. it saddens me to say, however, that this is a far from positive update.

it is entirely possible that we might have considerably overestimated the demand and interest for such an item as this. at the time of writing i note that only 18 people have viewed this item, and not one of them has made a bid for it.

ho hum, really. it's nice that some people have at the least expressed an interest in the item, even if at this stage they are reluctant to part with any money to own it. there still remains a few days of open bidding, you never know perhaps one or two, for the novelty factor or for reasons more peverse than i am prepared to contemplate, might offer a few cents or a couple of dollars for them.

in the mean time, then, Yureshan and myself shall continue to monitor the site. it will be class if we see a bid being made, but i think both of us are starting to get the pen out and be ready to resigning to the fact that no one wishes to buy one.

i do believe i look hideous in the above picture, but i have included it in the hope of giving a much needed attention boost to this endeavour.

should you click and have a look at the item, let me know if you believe the wording or the picture could have been changed to make it a better seller.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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