Friday, August 03, 2012

a great English cricket tradition!

hi there

well, my MMA, Andrew, was fortunate enough to be at the 1st Day of the Second Test between England and South Africa at Headingley yesterday. he was "fortunate" enough to see some of the class things that happen with English cricket - dropping players that could win us the game (Swann), fielding players who should have been dropped after their dire performance in the last test (Anderson) and generally saying to the oppostion "here you are, score a boundary".

in fairness he also saw English bowlers condescend to take a few wickets, but even better than that was that he saw one of the most excellent things ever. ladies and gentlemen, behold the magic and power of the beer snake.

yep, that long thing that looks like a rope the lads are holding is the consolidated collection of plastic pint pots from the day. watching a Test Match is a business which induces a quite formidable thirst in members of the gentry, i'll have you know.

as far as i am aware Andrew did not contribute all that much to the snake, but i will wager he will the next time around! cheers for sending me the picture!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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