Wednesday, August 01, 2012

an average day at verk, really.

hi there

i haven't really mentioned much about verk since i returned from our jolly adventure to see The Stone Roses, which happened one month ago today instant nostalgia be honest, it's just been all that busy (as in more busy than usual) that there has been no time for any of my usual antics.

that, you may be pleased to learn, changed briefly today. i was going about my business when Trigger, my personal photographer, summoned me to him with some emphasis on haste. when Trigger calls, i tend to listen as usually it is a top priority matter - often KFC related.

not KFC related today, as it happens, but instead he wished me to see and indeed the recall the business that Medicine, our resident First Aid chap and Twilight expert, was conducting.

and what was his business? well......

that kind of speaks for itself a bit, does it not?

the most impressive part of this was he plucked up the energy and enthusiasm to do it after a sterling display of how injuries can and will happen in verk. he did this via tripping over an absolutely massive, the blind can see it sized shiny silver display pot that had a tree, no less, in it. i think he was visiting Trigger to get some sort of ointment to put on, presumably, his ankle and the bit of his forearm that he smacked to break his fall.

whilst this was a worthy effort of him, it was somewhat ill-advised to do it whilst his trusty assistant, Nurse Zama, was away for the day. this meant he had no one to rush to his assistance. the reaction he got instead of urgent medical attention was a bit like the attention Spider, Den and Vim gave Colin Grigson on the set of the video shoot for Warriors Of Ghengis Khan in the most splendid film ........More Bad News.

leaving aside for the moment whatever it is Medicine is doing exactly with or without "ointment", may i just say how excellent Trigger's technique and posture are here. we can all learn from him.

there is a school of thought which suggests that i should consider appointing Medicine as my personal physician or similar. he is rather dedicated and, if i may say so, good at it, on the basis that on the whole he does tend to save more lives than not. sadly, a barrier to Medicine joining my entorage as an official member is the views he (bravely) expressed to me regarding just how much money i should be investing in that fine company Phillip Morris Inc. my view is as much as they like; his is "none". with such a disparity in opinion, and one that could well turn violent, it is probably best he remains a non-official member.

should any more class incidents like this happen, i will do my best to record them and post here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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