Thursday, August 16, 2012

England draw game 2-1......

hi there

i really miss newspapers to a degree, but quality and pride in journalism. for centuries journalists were entrusted to be the guardians of language and information; checking as many times as possible the accuracy of the information and the wording of what they sent to print.

in this era of "internet news" standards have been allowed to slip in a way that must cause alarm for a good deal more people than just me. just about every day sees at least one glaring error on a major news website; something that simply should not happen between an editor and a journalist. i can't make an issue of all of them here for it would take up all the space on my little corner of the internet, but every now and then such an error is so bad that it requires a highlight.

observe this screen of the Daily Mail webpage, often referred in passing to as The Daily Fail.

did you spot it? no, probably not as it is rather small. here's the glaring error isolated for you.

score - England 2 Italy 1. description - a well-earned draw?

dear me. hopefully they have now rectified it, but the fact that it was allowed to appear at all on a news website is shocking.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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