Tuesday, May 31, 2011

victory at verk

hi everyone

well, i have some (limited) reservations about posting this latest escapade of mine at verk here, but i figure what the heck, i have not done that many updates this month. and this one is a most triumphant achievement anyway!

at verk last week we had a contest to celebrate the cup final we sponsor. in short, our teams were required to come up with a song or a war cry for either or both teams.

my first song, a nice tune about what The Pope said when Orlando Pirates went to Rome to see him due to it, apparently, being offensive and possibly obscene. i am happy to say that my second song was accepted and performed.

my second, accepted song was a reworking of the classic, traditional Birmingham song, well known to all lovers of the game. for the purposes of here, though, it was reworded to S*** On The Leopards rather than S*** On The Villa to have it make sense. my good friend Zama chipped in, adding a refrain of "glory, glory Orlando Pirates" at the end of the song.

after a rousing performance, and indeed us watching the other contestants perform some truly excellent (albeit lacking is foul language songs) the judges retired to consider the merits of all the performances and decide on a winner.

despite some fantastic performances, including a breathtaking performance of Ipi Tombi by some dear friends and colleagues of mine, the result was that we, with my reworked classic, won!

it may have been my rewording, but the performance - full of passion and shouting - is what won it. well done to those so unfortunate enough to have been in my team!

i, of course, acknowledged those who did not win (i.e. the losers) with all the style and class you would expect.

dear me, i am unaware of how much i tower over everyone until i see pictures like this!

those with a keen eye may note that these verk pictures are somewhat different, artistically speaking, from the usual. that would be because my usual personal photographer, Trigger, was on leave that day, thus these fine pictures were taken by the photogenically talented Sinbad.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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