Monday, May 17, 2010

the things we throw away.....

hey everyone

well, the internet harbours some truly fanatical types. rarely are they more on display than when one googles "Star Wars figures".

a link on the fine site imdb about the top 100 Star Wars toys took my interest, so i went to have a look and see how many of them i had.

i was rather delighted to see i had a few of them! i am not sure how cool some of their selections are, but if memory serves correct, i had numbers 84, 64, 61, 24, 21 and 3. their number one choice is indeed very cool, and no i had not seen that one either.

there are numerous sites claiming to list the most valuable or sought after of the Star Wars figure toys. i have no idea which is the most accurate or one to be believed, but if it is the list on this site then i had numbers one and two!

had is of course the operative word - they were thrown away, or hopefully given away, many years ago!

i am pretty sure i had all of the ones listed on this site too. Mum & Dad, you may not want to look at the value of some of the toys that you dispensed with!

a lot of people tend to get all excited, if somewhat a touch dramatic, about the value of Star Wars toys, somehow of the view that they have lost or thrown away a fortune. the reality is that the mega $$$$ for Star Wars toys is only applicable to those which are in mint, sealed condition. there is no chance any of my collection, if it were still with me, being worth much - not only were they unpacked and played with in a very ruthless manner, they did move from England to Australia and back!

still, seeing the article reminded me of just how cool the Star Wars toys were, and indeed how lucky i was to have many of the "extras" that went along with the action figures.

one of the coolest was certainly my very own Death Star!

i remember this one; it was class! oddly, not much of the packaging shows off one of the best bits of it - there was indeed a chute on the top level, and you could drop the characters down into the garbage compactor! you could even make the walls of the compactor move!

i also had this one, which was very cool. well, OK, it was cool but disappointing as it didn't fly itself.

and, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to very generous parents, i also had the greatest Star Wars accessory of them all!

that's right, i was one of the lucky ones to have my own Millenium Falcon! it was as ace as it looks in the picture, although that isn't actually me in the picture. honest.

you have to remember that for those of us who were "there" at the time, kids between 1977 and 1980, this whole "force" and "jedi" business were rather trivial, and remained that way until The Empire Strikes Back was released. all we wanted to do was to be Han Solo and Chewbacca, as they were by far the coolest!

well, there you have it for a trip down memory lane. i have no idea what exactly happened to all my Star Wars toys; with some good fortune they ended up in the hands of someone who enjoyed playing with them as much as i did!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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