Monday, May 10, 2010

pancakes in May

hey everyone

well, let me start off with obligatory apologies for not updating too much this month. i, indeed we, seem to be rather busy these days, so i don't get all the time i would like to sit and write away!

moving right along, over the weekend James had a most splendid idea of wishing to have some pancakes for dinner. i followed this up with the rather good idea of offering to get the ingredients and having a bash at making some.

much to the disdain of local repairmen, sensing a good deal of work being imminent in our kitchen, Michele had the even better idea of me getting the ingredients and allowing her to cook them, since it was less likely things would blow up or break in general with her at the controls.

it took little time and even less fuss for me to stand aside and allow the master to perform her art, ably assisted by James of course!

we have a tendency to "forget" Shrove Tuesday every year in our house, which is a bit of a pity! oh well, they tasted just as good in May as i am sure they would have in February!

James and Michele certainly had great fun making them; James in particular was rather taken with having a cup to pour ingredients in with!

as for young William, well, despite his attempts to eat anything (and anyone) that goes near him, he is not quite ready for the joys of pancakes as such as of yet, and so he wisely just had a nice snooze and left us to get on with it!

anyway, dishes to do, bottles to fill and all that stuff! hope all is well wherever you are in the world!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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