Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

Please allow me to introduce our Dad
a man to meet; you'd be glad
He'll be your shoulder when times are bad,
just like he lifts your mood when you're sad

For quite a few years he's wandered this world
all the sights he's seen and music heard
He's stood in the oceans and all seven seas
but being with us is what make him please

He was around when they put man on the moon,
it wasn't him, he was being the groom
Dad knows all of the rock and roll stars,
but a family strips being in stretched cars

Dad raised us all well, Lee, Richard and Gillian,
and with grand kids, he gets to do it again
It's everyone that loves him to bits,
even if his oddities keep you on your wits!

Looking back today you've had a life in full
more to come, no doubt there's more tricks to pull!
Hope you've enjoyed today as much as you've enjoyed most,
from us, we're glad we have you to make our boast

The best Dad in the world will be on your book cover,
no idea if you are, but we know we wouldn't want another
So, wherever we are, wherever you may go,
you should always know, we love and cherish you so!

happy birthday, Dad, from Lee, Richard,Gillian, Michele, Erika and Grant. a big big happy birthday Grandad from Katie, James, Lyla, Daniel, William and all others to follow!!!

and of course, a big, big, big happy birthday from your favourite........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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