Sunday, May 30, 2010

four celebrations in one cake!

hey everyone

well, as all who know me and my lot are aware, May tends to be celebration month. our family has about (give or take) one thousand birthdays in May, and indeed at least one wedding anniversary. the producers of greetings cards tend to fair very, very well, then!

as a fair few of the thousand (or so) birthday celebrants were in the same place on Saturday, what better a thing to do then than have a cake for the occasion?

happy birthday once again, then, to all whose name feature on the cake! oh, what the heck, happy birthday to you if your birthday is in May and your name is not on this cake - Grant and Matt, that goes to you!

as for how the birthday celebrants spent the day, well, in a variety of ways, really. Richard, to start off with, was quite eager to do some stitching for me, as he fixed up one of those England flag thingies for my car!

he did a rather good job, too! my car looks ace, and Richard is really starting to feel like he has stepped out of the shadow of our Dad in the sewing stakes. i don't think there's much in the way of family rivalry in the field of sewing, though. i am, however, prepared to let Dad and Richard do all of that.

as for Dad himself, well, it was one of those days where his increasing eccentricities really excelled, if not flourished. when he was not busy putting stickers in his class new sticker book, he was either showing James how to cause damage with something as simple as an elastic band or he was off out and about purchasing several dozen flags - 32, to be precise. he did, however, at one point manage to sit still long enough to pose for a picture with William and Marmite!

happily, Michele and Erika were somewhat more enthusiastic about getting their hands on some of that lovely cake than they were in indulging in other hobbies! here they are blowing the candles out together, and you don't need me to tell you who was as keen as ever to help blow them out!

as far as James is concerned there should never ever be a lit candle anywhere in the world that should not have its flame taste his breath. this would be why, when we experience one of those all too frequent power cuts here, we try to stick to torches until James goes to sleep.

as for William, he isn't quite as keen to blow candles out as much as he wishes to try and eat them, along with everything else that he can get his hands on! he had a fun day being the centre of attention for all and sundry, at the expense of some sleep and some bottle times!

since William is very nearly 6 months old, here's another picture of him to mark the event! sorry, no doubt i will forget to do one during the week, so here you go!

the above picture, like the one below and many of the others above, were taken by Erika, by the way - i just post them here. nice one Erika, thank you for getting some great snaps!

now then, to finish off, here's a look at the (thus far) three grandchildren who all reside in the same timezone as each other! what could be more fun on a Saturday afternoon than gathering around Grandma and listening to a wonderful story?

Lyla and James were really enjoying the story, it has to be said, almost as much as William was really enjoying trying to grab the pages and eat them!

well, hope you have all had a good weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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