Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Democracy Live!

hey everyone

well, i was flicking through the channels last night, waiting for the second 20/20 game to start, and happened to land on Sky News at exactly the right moment. i was rather entertained to catch Adam Boulton really kicking off at the notorious manipulator or plain avoider of the truth, Mr Alistar Campbell. if you weren't lucky enough to see it, i am pretty sure it's up around the internet by now, but here are some screenshots.

Mr Boulton may very well have a slant towards the political views of the owner of the channel for which he works, but that doesn't prevent him from giving mostly well balanced, insightful and entertaining interviews and comment. why Alistar Campbell decided to just stand there and taunt him like an annoying schoolboy with no friends instead of answering the questions presented is a bit of a mystery, really. if Mr Campbell can no longer even manipulate words to present "his interpretation" of something, it must be desperate days for him and those he presumes to speak on behalf of!

considering the damage done to many lives by some of the more notorious episodes of Mr Campbell "manipulating" information before presenting it, i suspect many would have applauded Mr Boulton if he had happened to punch him right square in the face.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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