Tuesday, May 11, 2010

at last! the remake no one wanted will bother us soon....

oh dear.....

no sooner has the news broke that they plan to remake one classic Schwarzenegger film, Commando, than we get images of a remake of another, Conan. neither sound like wise ideas, and finally we get to see confirmation that one of them really isn't a good idea!

the warning signs for Conan perhaps not being as good as the original two Schwarzenegger films are there in the post. are you looking at it carefully?

yep, that's right folks, they have not updated the initial poster for the film, so they are apparently still hoping to have this film released in 2009! the actual, latest date seems to be 2011. and looking at the initial production values on display, i dare say it will be released directly on DVD in 2011.

here is someone called Jason Momoa as Conan....

it's not a bad idea having a relative unknown in the part, i guess - it's better than the initial idea of having The Rock play the most ferocious barbarian of them all, and indeed Schwarzenegger was pretty much unknown, with apologies to fans of Hercules In New York, when Conan The Barbarian was made. however, Conan has been made, and thus a comparison between the two actors playing the lead is impossible to avoid. and this new lad just doesn't look right, does he?

i really don't see this guy being as great in the role as intended, really. it's perhaps wrong to judge on the basis of blurred images and not so much as a trailer out there, but the feeling i get is this will be disappointing. i mean, you just don't see this new guy ever being able to look as mental or as bonkers as Arnold in the part, an example of what i am saying would be this scene....

some of the other casting leaves one wondering, too. for the part of Corin, Conan's father, we apparently will be treated to a make up free Ron Perlman. not really a bad choice per se, considering how he is celebrated and vaunted by the comic book fraternity, but when you consider that a pre-Wrestler revival Mickey Rourke and a not really revived ever Dolph Lundgren turned down the part, you have to wonder how bad the part in particular or the script and production in general are.

Conan is a quality concept and deserves a good, decent treatment. rather than a remake or, as the popular term for it is, "reboot", i would suggest that what the target audience for this film really, really wants is that which was promised to us at the end of Conan The Destroyer. that would be, of course, a film entitled either King Conan or Conan The Conqueror, with the only man who should be playing the part back in the role that launched him to fame and fortune.

unless Arnold really gets bored of his new political career and all of a sudden wants to go back to high octane, quality action movies, however, we are really unlikely ever to see that film. you never know, though - it has taken them some 26 years to make the sequel to The Sword & The Sorceror, the soon to be released Tales Of An Ancient Empire, so never say never i guess!

as for this whole idea of a Commando remake, well, fellow lovers of that film will hardly need me to state that it would be impossible to recast the majority of roles in the film. a thought did occur to me, though. since they are planning a film version of this 24 TV show, why not take the Commando plot as a premise for it? obviously Jack Bauer (as far as i am aware) isn't a commando as such, but a few tweaks and rewrites and i think it might work!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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