Friday, May 28, 2010

curb your enthusiasm......

hey everyone

well, it's two weeks to go before a certain event is held here in South Africa. the vast majority of us here are enthusiastic and excited about it, but there is a certain organization who are doing their absolute best to make sure you can't get too enthusiastic or excited!

for reasons that this certain organization feel are valid when they are rather comical bordering on ridiculous (more on that later), it is only now that one can go and purchase tickets for this event in the conventional way - i.e. hand over money, get tickets.

needless to say, there has been huge interest in obtaining tickets, as displayed by the lenghty queues for them.

alas, this certain organization are apparently strangers to technology and anticipating demand as the ticketing systems, like on the first day they tried this, have failed like few systems have failed before and thus people are unable to purchase anything.

i know this because Mum & Dad have been trying all morning! they are stood in a queue that is closer to just a formation line, since it doesn't seem to particularly move!

it would be tempting to blame another organization, one that is considered by some (many) to be the single most incompetent organization in the history of mankind, but alast they are not at fault here. the internet and data stuff is all working fine (as you can see below), the problem is with the owners of the site that you need to access to get the tickets.

now then, this certain organization are claiming that the problem is that they are selling tickets over the counter. they state, with a straight face, that they have "never ever done this before", and with an even straighter face advise all that they should purchase tickets online.

in regards of them never having sold tickets over the counter before, oh really? how then did they sell tickets for the same events in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and indeed 90s? i was not aware of this whole "internet" thing being available then, and neither were credit cards for at least two of those decades!

further to that, this idea they have of purchasing the tickets over the device or concept known as the internet. well, whilst Mum & Dad are tyring to buy them in the conventional way, i am indeed trying to do it "online". i am, as a consquence, rather familiar with this appearing on my screen :

whilst i have been writing this and checking for changes on the status of the above page (and......nope, none) it seems that they have issued an apology for the tickets fiasco. it may be an insincere, empty promise that just seeks to shift blame and doesn't particularly help, but it is an apology all the same i suppose! how lacking is this apology in help? well, the links to purchase tickets has gone from the site, if that's a clue!

now, if they had made tickets available for direct purchase at the start, or at the least in December 2009 when everyone knew who was coming and who would play where, there would not be the level of frustration and demand to get the things. if it was simply the case that they were all sold out it wouldn't be an issue, but the case is that there are tickets available, this certain brilliant organization claim they want people to buy them and then go and make it all but impossible to get your hands on them!

ho hum, we shall keep trying, but i suspect we won't be able to hand over any cash to this certain organization!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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