Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Zealand images released!

hey everyone

well, we all know that New Zealand prides itself on being as environmentally conscious and protective as possible, but who knew that this stretched to blocks on the more controversial methods of being environmentally sound? i refer, of course, to their apparent block on recharging batteries.

i can only assume that New Zealand frowns upon one recharging batteries, really. this is something i draw from Gillian proudly claiming that she had "finally" got their camera batteries charged up and thus was able to send some pictures. there must, then, be strong and strict rules and regulations around doing that there; otherwise it would have to be the case that they haven't charged them because they could not be bothered too and this is why they have not sent pictures for a while.

moving on to the actual pictures and i am delighted to see that all is well in the land called New Zealand. those of you who are enthusiastic about the curious hobbies of my dear brother-in-law Grant will be disappointed to know that there are no pictures of him. other, more normal, readers will however be delighted to see Katie and Daniel are doing well!

first off is Daniel, getting ready to head off to a party. which would be why, i imagine, my dear sister has given him a rather eccentric hairstyle....

looking quite smart and dapper, there, Daniel! i am led to believe that Daniel is quite the wizard of timing when it comes to pass the parcel. a skill i never ever managed to master, so well done!

next up is Katie, and another revelation. up until now i was under the impression that New Zealand frowned upon the ways and whims of Lego as much as they did recharging camera batteries. no longer do people in New Zealand have to hide away in basements and build things with the stuff. oh no, not at all - not only can they use Lego in daylight, they even have open, celebratory building competitions!

i am not sure why New Zealand frowned upon Lego, mostly because i am not sure that they ever actually did. however, it's a nice thought - one that gets me through the day - that the people of New Zealand, in particular my dear niece, get to play with the stuff so enthusiastically. it must be something close to all those mental drinking games they came up with in Chicago after prohibition ended, really. well, maybe rather than really.

well, many thanks to Gillian for sending these pics on. i understand that they are clearly limited as to what they can and cannot send on, but let us all keep our fingers crossed that more boundaries are broken and that she can send on even more soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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