Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fletch likes Porridge.....

hey everyone

well, if you are an avid Ronnie Barker fan visiting this site i would imagine that the title of this post won't be anything like new news to you. for followers of the development of William Norman Stanley, however, i guess you have clocked that this means he is eating!

sure, he is not quite 6 months yet, but going on the size of him and how he had already shown all the physical attributes associated with being ready to eat, we have rather slowly been trying him out on food.

when we have been eating young William has sat and watching with a look of longing on his face, so we were not too surprised to find that he loves his little meal every day! so far Michele has tried him out on some rice cereal (porridge, if you will) and a touch of butternut. not too much of either, mind, only a couple of spoons of each a day.

his bottle intake hasn't dropped and he seems none the worse for it, so i guess i am back in the world of buying loads of jars of baby food!

or maybe not, actually. William has a touch of a temperature today, and clear signs that those little teeth are on their way in a hurry. i suspect that he will be wanting steaks and burgers rather than mashed up fruits before long!

otherwise, James still sees food pretty much as a distraction, and doesn't get excited at all about the idea of eating. ho hum, we try our best to make sure he eats well enough!

another thing James is not that keen on is bath time, which happens to be the time right now. let me try and coax him on the way to appreciating the wonders of hygiene - wish me some luck, for i shall need it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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