Tuesday, May 18, 2010

John Squire's annual final denial time....

hey everyone

well, as was the case around this time last year, former musician and current artist John Squire has once again issued a "final denial" saying that he will never ever play with or reform The Stone Roses. this year he has elaborated a bit, saying it is music entire he will never return to and not just the band which made his fame for him.

in 2008, of course, he announced that he "would not mind doing that" after seeing Led Zeppelin reunite and perform. this new "last ever" comment is a bit disappointing then, as it seemed like he was going to take an "odd year = no, even year = yes" approach to questions about The Roses.

to encourage him in making this most recent comment an actual, final statement about the band, here are a few points for one of the most gifted guitarists the world has ever heard :

* John Squire did not break up or otherwise dissolved The Stone Roses. he quit the band. The Stone Roses getting back together again then would not be his decision alone to make.

* whereas i imagine no one wishes anything but success for his career as an artist, perhaps he should consider allowing his artistic works to draw attention for what they are instead of constantly drawing attention by mentioning the band.

* if the only thing you have to say about The Stone Roses is that you are not interested in being part of a reunion then stop talking about it, we heard you the first time.

* stop saying "if Ian Brown phoned i would....", please. you left him in the lurch and let him know that you were no longer in The Stone Roses via a letter from a lawyer. i doubt he will be phoning you; if you are that excited about telling him this, that and the other then phone him instead of speculating about a conversation with various journalists.

* basically, stop trashing former glories for future success. if you can't discuss The Stone Roses as something you were proud of, stop using it as a tool to show how much better you think you are now.

whereas there would be immense commercial success should The Stone Roses reform, i think from a music perspective people would be more excited about and indeed keen to hear Ian Brown do something with recently out of a band Noel Gallagher, really. Brown and Gallagher getting a band together would make interesting new music; if Mani and Reni could be persuaded to join, well, so much the better.

in the mean time, i can't wait for next year's "last ever comment" from John Squire on the subject.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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