Monday, August 17, 2009

in the swim

hello again

well, one of the things that James usually likes is going swimming whilst we are on holiday. he wasn't keen on it this time, alas - possibly because (yet again) the pool he likes was closed for "renovations". i am not sure why, but they do tend to close this pool down more often than not when we go, and never announce it in advance.

nonetheless, we did go and dip our toes in the water a little bit, and of course i got to climb to the top of Adventure Island in the kids section, carrying James most of the way.

as magnificent as the kids swimming area is, it seems that they still don't have a spare solar panel or two to give it a bit of heat - the pool they want the kids to play in is just slightly colder than a bath filled with ice! no wonder that James wanted to be carried around the pool!

we did go and visit one of the heated pools during the course of our stay, and Grandma was on hand to take some pictures!!

now, Grandad seems to think that every picture my Mum takes comes out blurred; these show that this simply isn't the case!

and a third pic of Michele and i - sorry, it's rare that i get pics of me and my lovely wife together, so posting to celebrate!

and finally, a pic of James and i with our toes in the pool, with James wishfully looking over yonder in the hope of catching sight of an ice cream......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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