Thursday, August 06, 2009

on the set of Popeye

hey everyone

just been busy with the scanner again, this time to have a look at some pictures from "about" 25 years ago, it could have been a year or so either way!

here i am in Malta on the set built for the often overlooked 1980 film of Popeye.

it's odd that it is overlooked; i know the critics were hardly enamoured with it but it isn't all that bad!

going on the web page for the place it looks like it has been "jazzed up" since we visited. at the time we went, you basically just walked in and walked around. it sounds like now there's all sorts of rides and things. nice one for those who go now, then!

as i recall, we had no less than Simon McCorkindale, on holiday in Malta at the time, walk around the set with us! quite an honour, as he was ace in things like The Sword And The Sorcerer!!

anyway, here's a last pic, this time showing Richard checking out the place!!

i seem to recall reading that parts (if not all) of Gladiator were / was filmed in Malta, too. now that would be an even more class set to visit!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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