Monday, August 17, 2009

the dark side of the holiday

hey everyone

well, not everything goes perfectly on any holiday, i suppose, and sometimes things are rather more unpleasant to see than one of the swimming pools being closed for some sort of random maintenance.

this isn't the most particularly pleasant or happiest post i have ever done, so feel free to skip past it if you so wish. if you are intrigued, however, read on....

the "lady" pictured here is either one of the most ignorant on the planet, or just perhaps one of the thickets. whilst i appreciate posting her picture here could, from a skewered point of view, make me as guilty of what she was doing, here goes.

for some inexplicable reason (and this would be where the thick part comes into it) this "lady" was under the impression that she alone spoke Afrikaans within Sun City. as a consequence, she quite contently perched herself in a restaurant and made rather vile, critical and unpleasant comments about absolutely everyone she could see. my dear wife could understand you, thank you. rather than make a comment to you in person, i thought i would rather respond by posting you here.

i've never really understood people whose existence seems to hinge on their ability to just bad mouth and abuse every single other person they ever see. what a horrid, shallow life it must be. i can only assume that the only other glimmers of joy you get beyond improving yourself at the expense of others is in the vain belief that you look and are far, far, far better than everyone else. you will then, no doubt, simply love the fact that someone took the time to take and post a picture of you. well, here you go - and as it is an image of you leaving, it is most certainly your best side.

whilst a guest like this is hardly the fault of Sun City (narcissistic money is just as good to accept as happy, i suppose), this rather wretched place is :

this, ladies and gents, is a creche area, situated right near the gaming area. it's a place for parents to drop off their kids whilst they go off and gamble some money.

whilst up at Sun City, we had the distinct pleasure of taking Auntie Susan out for dinner to celebrate her birthday (she's around 21, since you ask). upon leaving the restaurant, we were horrified to see a "parent", if we may call him such, taking his child to this place at 10:30pm at night. the child was screaming and in tears, and clinging on to this "man" for dear life, not wanting to be let go of or abandoned. this, presumably, was not a first for the child.

i have nothing in particular against gaming for money - i am not very good at it, i don't like losing money and thus i don't really do it. i am not at all sure if gaming itself was the problem, or if this is just the way that this rather horrible man does things. it's interesting to note that they were eventually joined by the child's presumed mother, who thought that she would assist by shouting a great deal at the child. it took an astonishing display of willpower for both Susan and Michele to just walk on, as they dearly wished to have a go at them and perhaps even attempt to belt some sense into these pathetic excuses for parents or guardians.

whereas Sun City can't be held responsible for bad parenting, they surely should at least look into not having this creche open around the clock, or at the very least refuse to accept children who are clearly in distress. sure, that could lead to the parents just abandoning the kids in their room; one would have hoped, however, that the world had been taught not to by a certain well reported case involving a tapas (whatever that is) and an idea of "checking the kids every 30 minutes or so".

if by some happy accident the complete and utter idiots who were blind to the distress of their children and irritated by their crying at around 10:30pm on Tuesday, August 11 2009 at Sun City are reading this, well, this is for you. hopefully with a sense of justification better than the vain lady at the start of this, i sincerely hope that you lost every cent you placed on whatever table or machine you felt would bring you wealth and a happiness that shall forever be out of your grasp. i feel sorry for you for not knowing, no matter how much of a handful they can be at times, that you are lucky to have children, and they should be your priority always. those two children of yours (at the least, if you have more the mind boggles where you stuck them; unless you just forgot about them) will no doubt grow to loathe and despise you, perhaps even develop a venomous hatred. i do hope they grow to be considerably better than you and instead feel pity; if not, well, there's a whole Entertainment Centre full of people (at least) that saw you plant, tend and nourish the seeds of such hatred.

the only ounce of pleasure i can weigh from this post is the outside chance that at least one of the people mentioned is humiliated by this.

if as a general rule you behave better towards other people than the ways illustrated here, you are at the least on the right path towards being excellent to each other.
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