Monday, August 17, 2009

last of the Sun City pics

hey everyone

well, as the title suggests, these are the last of the pics! my, it has taken quite some time to get them all edited down and posted!

first up, as alluded to elsewhere, here's a couple of pictures of James enjoying as much ice cream as Sun City could give him! this first one shows him either being rather proud of the ice cream, or perhaps holding it aloft as some sort of symbol of ice cream liberation.

here's another picture of James eating ice cream. i suspect that in this picture he's thinking that he would like it very much if Daddy would stop taking pictures of him eating ice cream......

and finally, what would a trip to Sun City be without a walk around the crocodile sanctuary? if sanctuary is the right name for it - "place where the crocodiles live" is as good a name for it i guess.

now, Michele is getting really rather tired with this pregnancy, so she had a good sit down and some coffee as James and i walked around. this means not as many pictures as last time, but still one or two!

we didn't get the opportunity to feed the baby crocodiles this time, but James loved seeing them all anyway!

right, that will do, let me see what other subjects i can rant and rave about for the next post!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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