Friday, August 28, 2009

tamiflu, much ado for you

hey everyone

well, there's been a bit of a lack of updates this week as i have been ill. as far as i am concerned it's just my usual sniffles and post-nasal drip at play. as far as the doctor was concerned, though, a decision was taken that i should have some of this "tamiflu" stuff, on the off chance that i had, or would soon contract, this swine flu business.

i am just about done with the course of these tablets, and will be delighted to see the back of them. first, however, i couldn't resist a smart photo opportunity with the tablets.

as you can see, i don't have an actual anti-swine flu, anti-everything mask as such, but i dare say the combination of my beloved Frankie Goes To Hollywood scarf and over-sized Reni hat will get me through most things.

on a more serious note, my experience suggests that one should not write off all the reports of dodgy side effects from this particular medicine as the usual tabloid hysteria. whereas the official site for the stuff makes a brief mention of there possibly being one or two "minor" inconveniences, over the last couple of days i have experienced nightmares that have had me wake up with a sweat, blurred and distorted vision and an irrational, physical sense of rage. now yes, there are one or two of my chums that would suggest that's usual for me, but methinks these tablets have something to do with it. if they are giving these tablets to children or teenagers, they should cease doing so soonest.

in the mean time, though, here's another pic of me in my ace protective outfit!

and Michele suggested to do a "normal" picture, to give, presumably, assurance to all concerned parties that i am indeed fine. well, as good as i get.

if you have the fortune to be on this medication now or in the near future, i can only suggest that you have a nice cup of tea, keep calm and carry on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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