Monday, August 17, 2009

out and about

hey everyone

oh yes, yet more pictures from our holiday! well, it's been a while since i have uploaded, so there you go! i think there's only one or two more post loads of pictures after these, so bear with me!

all of these pics are from walking in and around Sun City, eating ice cream (if your name is James) and having fun. this first one is down by the massive artificial lake there.

well, to be more precise, the above is one of us near a bin by the massive artificial lake there. for some reason, a reason James never quite got around to elaborating upon, James was very eager to have his picture taken with me near this bin. there you go, then!

this next one is of James "in" the aviary near the area with all the farmyard animals. as you can see, he has a great sense of respect for the idea of walking around quietly so as not to disturb the birds living there.

he was a bit interested in the ducks and pelicans in the aviary, but for the most part he took a shine to trying to swing on the protective chains you can see in the background; singing "George, George, George of the jungle" as he did. we were not exactly asked to leave, but we did feel it best to move on as soon as we could encourage him not to be Brendan Fraser for a few moments.

as far as swinging goes, James did like going on the swings there. i did my best to push him as he wished, but must confess to being a trifle perplexed as to how to go about pushing him "fast but not fast".

revenge! it was most excellent watching Michele march up to the trampolines, kick her shoes off and start doing some light bouncing on it. this was, in her words, revenge on the baby in her tummy at the moment. the baby is being a bit bouncy when Michele doesn't really want or need baby to be, so she thought that she would see how baby would like it.

apparently, baby loved it! James was a bit concerned to see Mummy playing on the trampoline instead of him, but he was as content as can be with his ice cream, so never mind!

and here's James and i climbing up the biggest jungle gym in history!

it is massive, and there's a rather interesting "wobble effect" you get at the top. this picture is of us about a third of the way up - James did go higher, but turned around and wanted to go down as soon as he got there. he was certainly having none of going down the slide, which is some 12 - 15ft tall!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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