Monday, August 17, 2009

shoo, monkey, shoo shoo!

hey everyone

one of the most class things we see on holiday at Sun City are the baboons roaming around in a manner which suggests that, no matter what is built they, they very much own the land and all on it.

usually you only get to see them prowl early on in the morning (well, early-ish, we are all on holiday there, you know), so you have to keep your eyes peeled as you have breakfast. that's when they are more often than not hunting for theirs!

now, as cute as they look, they are wild and dangerous, and Sun City do go to great lengths to warn guests not to approach them, not to feed them and, tellingly, not to leave windows and doors open in your room / apartment / place where you sleep as you are out and about.

alas, being in your room or apartment and leaving the door open would also appear to be a touch unwise, as we had a visitor in the shape of a baboon!

sorry, didn't get any pics of it, as i bundled Michele and James into our room and chased it out, but i did get some pics of the prints it left behind!

i must confess our backs were turned as he (or she) sneaked in. James spotted the baboon first, and we were alerted by him very bravely shouting "shoo, monkey, shoo, shoo!" at him or her! well done son!

hope that you can make out the hand print above, it looks a bit like the one you would imagine a Predator out of Predator would leave behind!

be excellent to each other!!!! and watch out for baboons!!!!!!!!!!!!
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