Friday, August 21, 2009

Susan's holiday

Hi Everyone

well, for the last two weeks or so we've been fortunate enough to have my Auntie Susan come and visit for a holiday. it's been a bit of a whirlwind tour for her, so rather than doing updates on the spot i thought i'd wait for her to get home so she could sit back and reminisce (hello Auntie!).

Susan certainly got a good deal in on the holiday, and no trip would have been complete without a visit to the stables. here she is with her brother (the gent i am lucky enough to call Dad) admiring all the scenery, including the electricity pylons which every now and then actually deliver electricity to our homes.

and whilst at the stables, here's Susan with Mum. i am not at all sure why it is, but whenever Mum's up at the stables with those shades on, she has a very "rock and roll" look to her.

who knows, if one pretends that the tree in the background is a Joshua Tree (or perhaps even The Joshua Tree), she wouldn't look too far out of place on a U2 album cover i suppose.

and, whilst on the subject of ponies, Susan got to go along to the Equus awards. with some rather distinguished guests, no less!

now, the only "Equus" i know of is the magnificent play by Peter Shaffer, and the outstanding film version featuring one of Richard Burton's greatest performances. considering what went on in that film, i will assume that these awards share a name alone. if however the awards relate to exactly what went on in the film, then the mind boggles why my Dad just refuses to consider the suggestion of myself, Mervin Fraser and Leslie "One Punch" Perumal that he should name a horse Incitatus.....

moving a long a bit, and Susan also had a rather nice lunch with my Dad's mate, the legendary and much admired Mr Terry Paine.

we were able to track down a disc of one of Terry's finest hours (and in his career there have been hundreds of them), the England against the Rest Of The World game from the early 60s. he was delighted with it and, as you can see, happy to sign a copy of his book for Susan.

now, as my knowledge and interest in respect of the ponies stretches just about as far as wanting to name one of them Incitatus, we obviously didn't get to see Susan at any of those events. we did, however, have the chance to welcome her up to Sun City for a couple of days.

we had a fantastic time up there, as you are aware from earlier posts (and bar the idiot parents) and it was wonderful to kick back, relax and enjoy lovely weather, ace food and incredible conversation. i even managed to "liberate" some items from Susan's room, some of which are on there way to Gillian in New Zealand right now, pending the rather elaborate strike the South African Post Office is engaged in. if they are all on strike, it means that there is no one to randomly steal the items i guess. erm, i digress somewhat.....

whilst on this holiday James was not too bothered or concerned with doing all that much swimming, Susan was rather enthusiastic about it at least!

well, there you go. i would be sure there are a few more (tens of thousands) of pictures my Dad has taken of her holiday but these are the best of what he has sent along!!

once again Susan, it was fantastic having you over to visit us for a bit! hope you rested, relaxed and had fun!! and yes, i did finish off the Clarkson book; it's now sat by Michele's side of the bed!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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