Monday, August 17, 2009

holiday time

hi everyone

i am never quite sure if i have all that many regular visitors to warrant saying sorry for the delay in updates, but if i do, well, sorry for the delay in updates. we've been away to celebrate our wedding anniversary; as ever up to the wonderful Sun City.

i've managed to get a few decent pictures, so expect a decent amount of updates here! first up, here's a batch of our excellent chalet / villa / apartment, the place where we stayed by whatever name you would call it in your part of the world!

first up is James and Mummy, taking a walk up to where we stayed after getting a rather nice ice cream. James holding an ice cream will be something of a common thread in pics of him, you have been warned.

and here's the view we woke up to every morning.....

rather pleasant, you may agree!

we had some interesting visitors to our place (a post on that coming later), one of the ones James was happiest to see were two security guards going around on horses. James was thrilled that one of the horses liked the idea of smelling and licking his arm!

and here's another shot of James and Mummy, with our magnificent view in the background.

James rather loved the idea of being "inside" the mountains for a holiday! there's not a great deal about Sun City that he does not love to bits, i guess that's why we just head there when it is holiday time!

Great Grandma Lillian sent James some pocket money to spend on Sun City. this he did, investing in a most excellent track which ends with a crocodile eating the car you send down it.

Mummy and James are rather impressed with it!!

righty-ho, more pics coming rather soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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