Monday, August 17, 2009


hey there

well, with reference to a post earlier today, much like we don't leave James on his own whilst we go and eat, we certainly don't leave him behind when it's time to go and play games. not that we would get the chance, he loves them and i think he is the reason we go and play them anyway!

here's James and Mummy playing what is easily his joint favourite game; the most excellent Star Wars Trilogy arcade machine!

i used to go and play this one quite a bit long before James came along; i shall forever remember how i came within one lightsaber whack of beating Darth Vader, only to run out of coins!

as for the other part of the joint favourite, that would be the most wonderful (and indeed expensive) Jurassic Park - The Lost World game! here is a pic of James and i trying to overcome the many thousands of dinosaurs the game hurled at us.

i am not bad at the game, but my efforts to stop pterodactyls and velociraptors from attacking us were somewhat hampered by the camera flash going off quite a few times!

now then, for King of Games, one has to of course mention The King, Elvis Presley.

James really hates this one. it is one of those "coin fountain" or "waterfall" games, where you put one coin in hoping to push others out. James believes that everything related to The King, Elvis Presley is a bit silly, but to him the idea of giving money to The King, Elvis Presley is the silliest thing ever. appreciating, perhaps, that we were on holiday, James was good enough to at least allow me to put 1 (one) coin in the machine of The King, Elvis Presley for every 100 (one hundred) that we put in Star Wars or Jurassic Park!!

a joint favourite for James and i was, however, all those games where you have to bash things that come out at you. here we are having a good go at the crocodile version of it.

James did like to rather try and catch the crocodiles instead of just hitting them on the nose, something that led to him tilting the machine at one point! ho hum, he, indeed we, had fun playing it his way!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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