Thursday, June 04, 2009

action man

hi everyone

well, as i am sure i have mentioned before here, James has developed something of a ritual of late when i go to collect him from school every day. well, school, day care, creche, whatever you call it in your part of the world, i guess. anyway, before we go home James gets rather keen to show off his skills on the various "jungle gyms" and climbing frames they have there. he was rather keen on me taking some pics of him today, and as it has been a while since i put any here, well, here you go!

as you can no doubt guess from his rather stylish attire, winter is very much with us at the moment. June and July tend to be on the cold side. those of you who intend coming to visit us for a certain notable event in 2010, pay attention - Africa does indeed get cold, get the jumpers and jackets in the case!

he is a right little poser when it suits him, isn't he?

i rather like the next one - he's getting rather brave and bold with his climbing across these constructions. not too brave, thankfully. i suppose the purpose of them, other than enormous fun, is to build up some confidence and balance skills. will leave that to the experts to comment on!

now then, James was very keen to have me take a picture of him on the swing, but was not particularly interested in my suggestion that he keep still on it so that i could tale a picture of him on the swing. here's the result!

on the one hand, it would be very nice indeed to pick him up (usually after sitting in traffic for an hour), head home, get dinner ready and do the housework. on the other hand, however, where's the harm in some fun and showing off how good he is?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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