Sunday, June 07, 2009

style corner

hi again

well, seem to be having a Sunday of updates right now! as reluctant as i am to usually feature me too much in these posts, my chums at verk on Friday had so many spectacular sunglasses that i felt morally obliged to try them on.

whilst i appreciate that one can't really look like The King without a jumpsuit (and those who apparently know better at verk have made it clear that a jewel-encrusted jumpsuit would be inappropriate in the verkplace), these excellent shades nonetheless serve as a tribute to The King.

first up, me in a sensational pair of shades owned by good friend Michelle.

i think these ones are more Bono than they are The King. this is no bad thing, really. someone saw a wedding pic of me not so long ago and asked if it was a pic of a "slightly chubby Bono". i must confess that is one of the nicer things i have ever been called!

earlier in the day, however, Zama sort of let me borrow his, and he would be upset if i didn't say that his were the better ones. i shall say nothing then, and let you decide.....

hmn, well, one could see The King wearing these i guess - certainly in a casual environment like verk. not sure if he would ever take to the stage in them, but they would certainly suffice for going to KFC for breakfast.

many thanks to my friends and colleagues who are always willing to indulge my occasionally odd ideas.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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