Friday, June 12, 2009

further miracles of the Post Office

hey everyone

well, in just under three weeks after the event (or thereabouts) the Post Office got around to delivering Michele's birthday card from the clan in New Zealand! they are to be applauded for this monumental achievement, but not too sarcastically this time. according to Gillian, Daniel hid the card, and Katie claimed the envelope for it as her own, so it was a little late in getting to the post!

now, whatever Katie decided to do with the envelope is a bit of a mystery, but it obviously rendered it unusable, as Gillian had to make a new one for the card. she was quite chuffed about making an envelope (get out more, sis), and has been rather excited to hear of it arriving. well, here you go!

sorry, in this day and age when everyone is paranoid about absolutely all information i thought i had better obscure the address! however, i did it with something special - if my dear friend and birthday girl Caroline is reading this, or anyone from Form E1, they should recognize the thing sat on the envelope!

on the off chance that any of you are as enthusiastic about home made envelopes as Gillian is, here's a look at the back!

thank you Gillian, a nice and cheeky card!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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