Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

hey everyone

well, i can only trust that all fellow fathers reading my site had as wonderful and excellent a day as i did today! James (with some help from Mummy, methinks) got me some very excellent presents indeed, the king of which was one of the finest moments of The King in the form of the splendid Aloha From Hawaii DVD!

alas, as James is not quite as fond of The King as he could be (and this i will argue would not be the case if i had got my way and he was named Elvis), we decided to spend Father's Day by going for a nice stroll around Lory Park zoo.

this must have been a good idea, as many, many other people had decided on the same thing to do with the day today! i am not sure if it was because all the other Dads also got a new disc of The King that they were not allowed to watch, but who knows?

the lions, alas, were having a sleep for most of the time we were there, but it has to be said that the tigers were feeling nothing short of fruity, having a right good old prowl around!

we were indeed there at the time that the tigers would usually go for a walk around and have a bottle of milk. erm, that got as far as the zookeepers going in to get them ready, some distinctly "very angry tiger" noises being heard and the the tigers re-appearing in their ace enclosure again!

a rather brave bird did land near the tigers as well, but the bravery of the bird was matched only by its speed. it was rather ace to see just how fast the tigers can move, though!

also in a rather happy mood were the wonderful lemurs, beloved of all who have seen things like Madagascar i guess!

i could have got some great pics as they were, for some reason, in the mood to pose for the cameras, but James was rather reluctant to let me take too many pictures today. i didn't think that i took all that many, in particular when compared with James' Grandad!

James was, however, not at all unhappy with me taking some pictures of him as he was on the swings and slides at the play area in Lory Park!

Only too happy to oblige, James!

other than all of this, James also befriended some of the birds who say "hello", right up until the point that he got bored of them only saying "hello" and then promptly walked off. a badger also took quite a shine to James' shoes, and James was rather perplexed to see a beaver hand (paw, i guess?) reaching under the beaver enclosure to try and grab them! he also ran around the entire zoo about three times, and was thus rather tired at the end of the day!

thank you James (and Mummy) for the most excellent day and wonderful presents!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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