Monday, June 22, 2009

The Literature Of The King

hey everyone

well, James was rather excited when i told him that a present had arrived in the post (!) from Auntie Gillian today. he was considerably less excited when i told him that it was a present for me, as he assumed that it would be something or other to do with The King, Elvis Presley.

James was not wrong with his assumption, it has to be said! behold the 4 (four!) excellent new editions of the official magazine & DVD collection of The King.

for some reason this fine collection only appears to be available in New Zealand. oh well, just as well that i have an ace sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew over there to send it to me! nice one guys, thank you very much indeed.

i was particularly pleased to see one edition comes with the magnificent That's The Way It Is film on DVD - easily my favourite, showing off The King at his very best.

further to that, i was rather enamoured with the straightforward, somewhat nonchalant way in which Gillian had filled in the customs form!

obviously i have to wait until James is fast asleep in bed before i sit and read these magazines, as well as play the excellent looking discs!

thank you once again, and what else can i say but......

be as excellent to each other as my sister is to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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