Friday, June 12, 2009

a bewildering billboard

hey everyone

on my way between home and verk everyday i get to see this rather odd, bewilderingly designed billboard. my apologies for the low quality image, it was the best i could do. besides, any higher quality would do an injustice to the low quality of the design.

our one and only satellite TV company, DSTV, are notorious for some really bad billboard and advertising designs, but this one is a new low. they seem to be advertising their news channels by means of featuring two nondescript unknowns (although i think the gent is someone called Maggs, noted for quiz shows) stood behind the increasingly less visible Barack Obama, with what looks like some artists' vision/fantasy of some sort of military action over the skies of New York.

now, one of the few things that DSTV gets right is of course behave as a relay for proper, international channels like Sky News, CNN and what have you. when they try to create their own channels, like their own 24 hour news station which i can only assume the two mystery figures are somehow involved with, it is usually a mess of note.

whoever the two people in the background are, well, full credit to them for not insisting that the extra cheek and chin areas were not airbrushed out, i suppose. well, credit or a suggestion that they check the image use and exploitation clause in the contract closer next time; this sort are after all not known for a lack of vanity.

it's difficult to see who the advert is directed at, really. anyone simple enough to assume that buying a satellite tv system will allow them to see Barack Obama discuss war in New York with two funny looking people presumably wouldn't have the funds to purchase it, or indeed already owns it but has the thing permanently on the horrid "reality" channel. ho hum.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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