Tuesday, June 23, 2009

exciting.......but simply not true.

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well, i didn't quite think this would be the one story i would post today, but i couldn't help but pass it on! as exciting and brilliant as this would be, it is simply not true, and a good way of showing off how you really shouldn't accept as fact what you see in the newspapers!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'planning comeback after Virgin ad'

Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the Eighties band, are reportedly planning a comeback tour thanks to a surge in popularity after their song Relax was used to advertise Virgin Atlantic.

The Liverpudlian band fronted by Holly Johnson are said to also be planning a re-release some of their hits, which include Two Tribes and The Power of Love, to tap into a new generation of fans.

Their "best of" album will be a joint venture by record company Universal and Indie label ZTT, the Daily Mirror reported, and the comeback tour is tipped to be a sell-out.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesman told the Mirror that the company was "thrilled" its adverts had helped to persuade the band to re-emerge into the limelight.

"It's a great coup for us and 80s pop fans will be equally delighted," the spokesman said.

When Relax was first released in 1984 – the same year Virgin Atlantic was launched, it was banned by the BBC for its suggestive lyrics, with Radio 1 DJ Mike Read branding it "obscene" live on air.

The ban made front page news and the song's notoriety helped it to top the singles chart for five consecutive weeks. It became the seventh best-selling UK single ever.

The chart-topping songs Two Tribes and The Power of Love then helped the band attain the accolade of being only the second act, after Gerry and the Pacemakers, to reach No1 with their first three singles.

right. Relax was released in 1983, but that would get in the way of their tie-in story, wouldn't it? their label, ZTT, and the current owners of the rights to the Frankie music, Universal, are making some releases this year, but word has it that it's possibly the comprehensive box set that fans like me have been crying out for rather than just another "best of". well, fingers crossed on the comprehensive side, those lucky Japanese appear to be getting a rather lavish set with some uber-rare tracks on it.

as for the band getting back together, a dream for all Frankie fans, but not one that is likely. Holly, the man who holds the key to any reunion, has said nothing at all about this and he, as ever, holds open communication with the fans via the internetwebthingie. as for the rest of the band, they too roam the web, and comments from them suggest the band seldom agrees on things like releases and compilations - they've said nothing at all about a reunion, commenting only as far as "many disagreements".

alas, this story is made of the same lack of substance and truth as the great "The Stone Roses to reform" story from a couple of months back.

the fact that newspapers, desperate for a story, have to keep going back to the great bands of the past and try to conjure up memories of how great they were does really underline how sad, depressing, hollow and boring the world of music has become, doesn't it?

and when i call you on the phone, show me that you're really home.............
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