Sunday, June 21, 2009

how slumming it in Zanzibar works.....

hey everyone

well, Mum and Dad have been away on holiday in Zanzibar. yes, a holiday. they claim they are "slumming it" and "making do". erm, yes - the pictures tell another story to that, really.

if Zanzibar sounds exotic, well, that's nothing compared to how it looks! needless to say, Dad has been "selective" with the camera, only taking a mere 1500 pictures inside of four days and mailing a basic 200 or so of them. now, as much as i would love to (ahem) put all of these pictures up, here's just a sample of them - Dad can always go and set his own website up!

just have a look at the beautiful clear water surrounding the island for a start!

i would imagine that just lazing around in one of those boats would be a pretty good way to spend a day!

the coast and beach looks like an alternative excellent place to park off and enjoy, too!!

and why leave when the day is done? Mum certainly seems to be enjoying watching the sunset!

i suppose one couldn't stay out in the water or on the beach the whole time, though. just as well, then, that where they are staying looks like it has wonderful views of both, and indeed look like lovely places to stay!

all i knew about Zanzibar before they headed off was that the late, great Freddie Mercury came from there, and the place is well known for spices. what the people of Zanzibar now know is that you can easily identify visitors who were born in England as they will not, not even in paradise, travel and walk around without their slippers.

i quite like the look Dad's got on the go there, sort of like Magnum PI meets Miami Vice via Arkwright in Open All Hours!!!

and, speaking of looks, either razors are banned in Zanzibar, Dad's trying to go for the Ernest Hemmingway look again or he's just getting into the spirit of being Robinson Crusoe!

the people of Zanzibar look like a rather friendly bunch - i am sure they will have to be with my Dad taking picture after picture of them!

of all the pictures Dad has sent through, some of the best have been of the wild and marine life living there. well, i suppose they are "wild marine life", in a sense. here's just one of the fine fellows you can see, and hopefully not stand upon, on the beach!

if we are clever and save up (ha ha ha), we should head over there to see these wonderful creatures, although i do worry about just how many of them James will want to bring home from the beach!

and speaking of the beach, Mum seems to be looking as if she has no intention at all of leaving - don't blame her!!

the locals, however, might just ask Dad to leave if he carries on trying to catch all the fish with his cap!

well, i think that's enough tourism advertising for Zanzibar for me!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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