Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Hey everyone

well, where we are in the world it is still Daniel's birthday, but i think that where Daniel is it was yesterday. oh dear, if you are reading this in the fine, much envied timezone of New Zealand, please just pretend that this is yesterday. if you are reading this on the day after. if that makes sense.

erm, moving it all along nicely, a very, very happy birthday indeed to young Daniel, who turned two this weekend. there, that's a better way of dealing with time-space differences, isn't it?

it sounds like Daniel got quite an array of most excellent presents to celebrate turning two, but the one that he loves the most thus far, and indeed the one he tried to show us over the telephone last night, is a magnificent, most excellent looking wooden train and town set!!

that does indeed look first class, what an ace present! no wonder he was not too interested in hearing my rendition of happy birthday on the phone if he could go off and play with that!

having such a class present does leave one with a dilemma as to what to do with all the other presents. fortunately, Daniel has a lovely elder sister, Katie, who is happy to be assigned with the task of opening all the other presents to see if there is anything even cooler!

there was of course a birthday party to be had, and a birthday party just isn't complete without a birthday cake! fortunately for Daniel, he can have a none more so complete birthday party, as his Mummy is always excellent at making cakes for such occasions. Gillian has never really subscribed to that "just go and buy one" philosophy on cakes, but who can blame her with the great ones that she cooks?

not too sure about the idea of "candles for nipples" on Bob The Builder, though.........

ahem, aside from Gillian's "artistic licence" with where to put the candles, it looks like the cake was rather tasty, and indeed the most important recipient of a slice of it looks well impressed!

well, that looks like a most splendid day in New Zealand! certainly hope that it was!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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